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How an organization manages the vast amount of information available to it will determine its level of success. The organization's ability to process information is at the core of its organizational and managerial competencies. The role of IT in this process is critical. Its value to the organization is not just providing data -- its wisdom.
The wisdom hierarchy (aka, the IT Value Pyramid) graphically depicts the ascent from data to wisdom, passing information and knowledge on the way:
Path To Progress has successfully acheived this status through long-term relationships with many clients. We focus on thoroughly understanding an organization's goals and processes. From Financial Systems to Customer Relations Management (CRM) to Just In Time manufacturing (JIT), we have filled the role of wisdom provider to our clients.
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Today, it is a matter of critical importance thar organizations manage the access and use of information in a cost-effective manner. Given the volume of information processed in organizations, not only by the formal systems established for that purpose, but also by individuals who perform information tasks constantly in their work, effective information management is becoming a more and more significant area for policy development and planning.
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